A downloadable game for Windows

Thank you so much for following the development of Flight Quest.

Short story

Help Dr. Costante recover the artifacts with his hang glider.
You will have to try different routes to find the right way.

About The Game

Flight Quest is an exploration game from other worlds, where the player plays an archaeologist who wants to solve a mystery! And it will take him to fly with his hang glider in other ways, challenging your pilot skills until the end of each level.

The controls are easy to understand but difficult to master, the physics-based flight model.

It offers a realistic flight experience, similar to a real flying wing, am with higher speeds to entertain and give speed sensations to the player.

The designed to be watched from many different angles to experience all the game it really has to offer. If you think you've found everything ...


  •  Story campain, fly through history!
  •  Physics-based flight model
  •  Realistic flight
  •  The controls are easy for fast trajectory changes
  •  Personal hangar
  •  3 modern hang gliders and classic gliders.
  •  Many liveries for your hang glider
  •  9 cameras to choose from.
  •  13 beautiful landscapes to cross and 13 to explore, and 1 to relax, for a total of 27 landscapes!
  •  Plus 200 paths
  • Split screen play game whith your friend
  • A downloadable game for Windows


Developed in TATTI Game Studios

We are raising funds for development on Oculus Rift S, donate now! Thank you

Good luck and leave us feedback. Thanks

Install instructions

Download the file for windows, unzip it and play the game

In the Demo there is a stage for two players in split screen and of the campaign the first 6 stages of the over 200 under construction on multiple enviroments.  X Gamepad chance view, or keyboard Key C


Flight Quest - Demo 688 MB


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One of the best games I've played of this type of symulation... and gamepad Control feels great, and  1° person camera movement is great. This Looks like a AMAZING game. Does this game have VR support? 

thank you very much, currently vr is not supported but we want to develop it also for VR


Awesome game! We featured it in our latest video! You can check it out here if you’re interested!

we saw your video we liked it very much, we are happy that you enjoyed playing our demo


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed


Good work! When release full version?


thanks a lot, in a few months we should go early access